Wires and Cables
Single core/Multicore flexible wires conforming to IS:694 & IEC:60227:
Copper Conductor of high purity- electrolytic grade, annealed cop p e r 0 . 5 sqmm to 3 0 0 sqmm. I n s u l a t ion for a l l applications70deg./105deg C heat resistant PVC-FR for high ambient temps like in panel, flame retardant Low smoke-FRLS for high density critical installations, Halogen free Flame retardant- HFFR for fire prone areas. Dual Insulation (Primary-natural PVC, Secondary colored skin PVC insulation) for extra smooth finish.
  Higher volume resistivity of insulation, better ageing characteristic. Armored/ Un-Armored, Braided/shielded Cables -Sheathing PVC/HRPVC/FRLSCoresCircularly/Flatlaidcores2core/3Core/4co re- Red Yellow Blue Black and Green.
TV Co-Axial : Attenuation losses contained to minimum. Double shielding- Primary-Polyester backed aluminium taped shielding with 100% coverage Additional shielding with fine tinned copper braid to ensure high quality reception and transmission of signals.RG- 6/8/9/11/59
Telephone cables : 1 pair to 100pairs ,un Armored/ Armored with conductor size 0.4 to 0.9mmannealed tinned copper .Hard grade copper for long life and stable properties, Staggered lays of twisted pairs, optimum values of Capacitance, capacitance unbalance, Attenuation, Characteristic Impedance etc.