What makes prewired so special is the inherent idea behind the product. That it is a product to Revolutionize the way distribution boards are judged is important.
Designed with the user in mind : Prewired addresses almost all the weaknesses of the ordinary DB
Look at the comparison below to check out for yourself
Earthing : Uniform grounding with Specialized terminalsunlike the stud earthing in DB
Specified Torque : Assembling at site as in the case of DB does not allow torque application to the optimum leaving scope for fire hazards whereas in prewired specified torque at factory makes it standard and safe.
Genuine Material : carefully monitored and procured materialgoing through stringent checks make prewired meeting all safety parameters which can not be said about the ordinary DB
Colour Coding : proper colour coding is vital for electrical connections made. In prewired it is done at the factory but in ordinary DB it is ignored since it is done at site