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Adhunik Switchgears has completed twenty four years in the electric products manufacturing. It seems like yesterday when we began our foray into the then still growing field. Companies took the traditional route to become viable and continue we thought differently. Research and Development was a word which belonged in the bedrooms of multinational companies or manufacturing giants. At Adhunik Switchgears we did not stick to the old world order. We decided to create a new standard and follow it religiously. That standard was to think from the perspective of someone who had a problem on his hand and who was hell bent on finding a solution for it. That is how we tried and came out with our breakthrough product-the Pre-wired DB. The Industry responded and customers were the ultimate winners. The feat was followed with the introduction of the VCCB and then VELMCB. At Adhunik launching new and innovative products is a continuous process and have recently launched modular switches and electrical accessories.

Today with expanded capacity and up-gradation of our manufacturing facilities we are manufacturing more of more products. Our range has grown and it encompasses products which industries like hospitality among others have big use. But even today restraint of time has not been able to desist us from our zeal for research based innovation and deliverance for mass benefit. Another feather in our cap, in the year 2011 honorable President of India Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, has awarded Adhunik Switchgears with “National Award” for manufacturing OUTSTANDING QUALITY products. The company today competes with many multinational brands in the market and is consistently producing high tech, innovative and high quality products in the field of LT Switchgear industry.