10A-1250A ,2pole/3pole/4pole configuration240/415VAC50hz,
Conforming to IS:13947-1&2& IEC 60947-1&2 with 10kA to 65kA breaking capacity also complying with IEC 68-2-6 Vibration test and IEC 68-2-27 shock test, IEC 60529-IP Degree of protection ,IEC 62262-IK degree of protection against mechanical impact.
Different Frame sizes as per suitability of installation, Thermal magnetic Electronic and Microprocessor trip units-as per suitability of application, power supply can be connected from top (or bottom reverse feeding in selected models).Short Circuit current is limited to very low values due to reflex tripping feature. In case of fault occurrence only the circuit breaker immediately upstream from the fault will trip, due to limited breaking capacity of Adhunik MCCBs this discrimination feature allows cascading among no. of MCCBs installed thereby upstream circuit breaker protects all circuit breakers placed downstream as well as other feeders will remain active in case of fault occurrence in one of output feeders. Models available with source changeover system (main source and alternate source), communication option, optimized auxiliaries.
Salient Features :
Clear ON/OFF/Trip indications, High electrical and mechanical endurances, Line Load reversibility, push to trip facility, terminal suitable for Al & Cu, phase barriers as standard, Field fittabl accessories
Add on features- Front face and centralized overload adjustment, extended rotary handle and door interlock with IP-54 protection, spreaders provided as standard wherever necessary
ROM, Shunt Obligery contract, spreaders & extended terminal links.