LT Panels /PCC/MCC/MDBs /Feeder Pillars
415V 50Hz. 3phase 4 wire system. CPRI tested for 4000A rated current and Short Circuit withstand strength 50kA Conforming to IS:8623/93.Degree of protection IP-42 to IP56 as per application and requirement.
Special 7/9 tank process sequenced as de-greasing, rinsing, derusting, rinsing, phosphatising, rising and passivation followed by oven heated powder coat with a paint thickness of 60 microns and above is unique and provides extraordinary smooth surface in all the panels making them very attractive in appearance and extraordinary in performance.
Safety ensured-Compartmentalized structure ensures complete operator safety. All the compartments including bus chamber, cable alley, connector compartment are dust and vermin proof. High grade Copper Bus bars are joint free & fully insulated with internationally color coded plastic sleeves supported on non hygroscopic, non combustible, anti-tracking, F-class insulators. Load bearing members are not less than 2.0mm thick.
Modular design-Extensible on both sides change possible as per site conditions in select designs. Feeder and cable alley doors open in different directions providing ample space for working. In draw out modules (i) Similar sized modules are interchangeable (ii) Electrical indications available for different positions such as Test/ Service/ Isolation.
User Friendly-Operating handle of the highest unit is not more than 1.7mt.overall height not exceeding 2.7mt. removable gland plate provided for each cable entry.